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I'm going on vacation

If you think you may want to tutor with us the in the future, we recommend turning off your availability settings instead. This prevents students from finding you in search results, and also prevents them from requesting lessons with you. To do that, simply visit the Chegg Tutors home page and slide the settings under "My Tutor Settings" (below your profile picture) from "On" to "Off." Then, when you're ready to get started again, just log back in and switch the settings back to "On." Its also best to mark off the days you will be unavailable on your Calendar.

Alternatively, we can “voluntarily deactivate” your account. To do that, visit our support center and click “Submit a request” in the top right corner. Complete the form and we will respond to your request within five business days. Then, when you’re ready to return, submit another request using the same form. But again, we encourage our tutors, rather than deactivating their account, simply marking themselves as unavailable.
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