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Can I tutor on the Chegg Tutors app?

The Chegg Tutors app does not currently support live lessons, so we strongly recommend that you use a computer for your lessons. 

Students and tutors can use our iOS app to message each other and schedule lessons on-the-go. In the current release, the app’s features are most useful to students and tutors who are already active Chegg members, and have taken lessons on Chegg Tutors.

Please note that we do not currently support Parent accounts, or Students accounts that are registered through an organization. 

Additionally, any holds on your account (e.g. failed credit card payment) will prevent you from logging into the app. You’ll be able to log in again once the hold is resolved on the site, or by contacting the support team. 

The app requires iOS7+.

Download the app here to get started:
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