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How do I get started?

If you’re interested in being a Chegg tutor but have not completed the online application and approval process, you’ll need to do that before you do anything else. 

If you’ve already been through our application process and have been approved, congratulations and welcome! Thank you in advance for your service to our students. 

To connect with students, start by turning on your availability settings. Click the ‘default’ button on the top right hand corner and set it to ‘I’m available now!’, a box will pop up with additional settings. You’ll want to be available for all types of lessons and have your profile show in the search results to maximize the amount of lesson opportunities.

Best times to connect with students are Thursday- Sunday 2pm- 10pm PST. 

A few other ways to connect with students:

Requests via Opportunities: these requests will pop up in your Opportunities Tab. This is the best way to get started. Once you see a request that you can help in, send the student a message letting them know why you’re best suited to help them out. Student requests may also go to a few other tutors, so you'll want to 'win' the student over by describing why you're their match! Once the student has responded and has agreed to a lesson, click ‘Start a lesson’ or ‘Schedule a lesson’. Based on your student’s preference, you can jump into a live or written lesson.

Written lesson requests: these requests will be available on your Dashboard. You can review and ‘claim’ the lesson to begin working. 

Tutor profile in search results: students can search all available tutors in the subject they are having trouble in and directly request to chat, schedule a live lesson or submit a written lesson. Remember to complete your profile with a profile picture and details on your experience and top subjects. You can edit your profile by clicking your name on your dashboard.
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