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How do I give a student a refund?

Sometimes lessons don’t go the way we all want them to. That’s ok! There are a couple ways to help the student keep their money. As a tutor, that comes in the form of, voiding lessons. 

In a live lesson, if it seems like the lesson isn’t going well or you don’t feel like you are the best person to help them with their problem, the best thing to do is void the lesson. To do that, click the ‘void’ button in the top right corner. You’ll find it next to the ‘Stop’ and ‘Pause’ buttons. 

If a student leaves the live lesson space before you have the chance to void the lesson, you can submit a request for us  to void it retroactively.

For written lessons, the best thing to do is either un-claim the lesson or you can submit a request for us to void the lesson on your behalf. 

If, due to system restrictions, we are unable to void the lesson, you can encourage the student to call the support team to request a refund.
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