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I'm getting an error when I try to upload my documents

If you get an error when you try to upload your school documents to your application, try these steps:

1. Refresh the page where you are experiencing these issues. 
2. Try restarting your computer. This may help in restoring any settings that may be causing the issue for your browser or operating system.
3. Log into Chegg Tutors from a different browser. Google Chrome is our recommended browser, but if that's what you are currently using, we'd recommend trying Firefox instead.
4. Clear your browser's cache, or loading Chegg Tutors in a private or incognito window.  

If none of these steps works, please reach out to let us know. You can send us a message by clicking the Submit a Request button in the top right corner of this page.

In your message, please include the following details:
1. What the error message says
2. Which troubleshooting steps you have already tried

A member of our team will take a look at your application, and send you a reply with the next steps!
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