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When is the support team available by live chat on Chegg Tutors?

Live customer support chat is available to students and parents during their free trial week, and for tutors during their first week working as an approved tutor. Should you experience any issues during your tutoring lessons, live chat support is also available in our lesson space to assist you.

Previous Chegg Tutors user wondering why we've made this change?

There is no longer 24/7 live support chat available to all users. We apologize if this change has caused any confusion. Our site is growing, and we want to be sure we are able to assist our students, parents, and tutors as quickly as possible. With the increasing number of members who need our assistance, we have moved customer support needs to this Support Center. We are able to reply to requests submitted through our Support Center more quickly than through live chat.

If you need assistance from our support team, please use the "Submit a Request" button atop this page.
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