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Entering math symbols in the Lesson Space with LaTeX syntax

If you're studying math, you will probably need to enter mathematics expressions in chats with your tutor. To make this easier, we support LaTeX, a way of writing mathematics terms and equations with ordinary text. To use it in chats, put the symbols and equations you want to use between two sets of double-dollar signs, like this:
$$ x + y = z $$

Greek letters and other special characters are written with "commands" (a word preceded with a backslash):
$$ \alpha, \beta, \gamma, \omega, \pi $$

Functions are written similarly:
$$ \log(n), \cos(x), \tan(y) $$

Powers and indices are written with caret and underscore, with the value in braces:
$$ n^{2}, n_{4} $$

Fractions are written with a the "frac" command and the numerator and denominator in braces:
$$ \frac{x}{y + 1} $$

Roots are written similarly:
$$ \root{x + y} $$

Some examples with the above notation used in combination:
$$ \cos(2\omega) = \cos^{2}\omega - \sin^{2}\omega $$
$$ \sum_{i=1}^{10} t_i $$
$$ \int_0^\infty \mathrm{e}^{-x}\,\mathrm{d}x $$

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