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How many negative reviews can I get before I'm removed from Chegg Tutors?

Your account will not be deactivated after receiving a specific number of negative reviews. 

Instead, we look at your overall teaching record and consider your ratio of positive to negative reviews. If the ratio is lower than our standards, your account may be deactivated. If your account is not deactivated, we may also reach out to you with advice for avoiding negative reviews in the future.

Here are a few tips for avoiding negative reviews:

1. Check in frequently with your student for their understanding throughout the lesson. This can help prevent frustration and abrupt departures from the lesson space.

2. If you feel that a live lesson isn't helping the student within the first few minutes, we recommend voiding the lesson. Voiding ensures that the student is not charged and you are not paid for the lesson. You can void the lesson by clicking the Void button—you'll find that in the upper right corner of the live lesson space, next to the Pause and End buttons. Please make sure you void the lesson before the student leaves the lesson space. If that’s not possible, contact our support team immediately so that we can do this for you.

3. With written lessons, include encouragement for the student to reach out to you with any questions, or follow up with the student directly after the lesson.
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