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I'd like to appeal a negative review

You should feel free to dispute any review you feel is unjustified. But before you do, know that there are only three reasons we will remove a review. 

1. Visible technical issues or website errors
2. Academically dishonest behavior on the part of the student (ie: asking you for answers only to complete and assignment)
3. Offensive behavior by the student

If you feel like you provided great service and exemplary tutoring, but still got a negative review, please keep in mind that the student is entitled to their opinion. A negative review will not be detrimental to your ability to tutor other students. 

To dispute a review, you need to submit a request using the button atop this page. Please include:
  • Date of the lesson/written lesson
  • Subject of the lesson/written lesson
  • Name of the student you worked with
  • Why you feel the review is unwarranted

A member of our team will investigate the negative review and the lesson/written lesson. If we determine that the review is in fact unwarranted, we will remove the review from your profile.
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