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I experienced technical difficulties during my lesson

If you're experiencing technical difficulties during your lesson, here are a few things that we recommend you try in order to resolve the issues:

1.  Please try refreshing the page you are experiencing the technical issues on.

2.  Restarting your computer may help in restoring any settings that may be causing the issue for your browser or operating system, especially if the audio and video worked previously.

3.  Log into Chegg Tutors from a different browser. Google Chrome is our recommended browser, but if that's what you are currently using, we'd recommend trying Firefox.

4.  For problems with audio and video, make sure you have the most recent version of Flash downloaded. You can check here: Safari is not currently supported with our audio and video features so please switch to something else if that is your preferred browser.

5. If you are prompted to update your browser to enable audio and video, please be sure to completely quit your browser and reopen it once it's been updated.
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